Demos Points Program Season 0 Update

Diplomats, see the latest on our inaugural Points Program below in order to maximize your earning potential!
Zane Huffman
October 20, 2023

Recently, we announced our Season 0 Points Program which kicked off through Zealy. The Points Program intends to reward community activity towards the launch of DEMOS & OnlyMeID. 

The original announcement highlights the first activities (Follow Twitter, Join Discord, refer users to Discord) that are tracked for points earnings. Below explains how these points are realized as Season 0 ramps up into the Public Beta for OnlyMeID.

Level Up on Points Earnings

The Points Program tracks various activities users may participate in through an assignment of points. Those points organize into a holistic leaderboard, through which Demos Diplomats compete for the highest standing.

The leaderboard will be assessed and reset at certain “checkpoints” which will correspond with the overall roadmap of Demos.

Every checkpoint, top participants will be catalogued into “levels”, with the highest earning individuals achieving the highest levels.

Each Season, users will earn incentives according to their level. These incentives can include $DEM allocation, ecosystem perks and privileges, points and governance boost NFTs, and more. 

Our Points Program is highly gamified, with the top levels amassing a majority of the rewards. Therefore, users should do their best to earn as many points as possible!

October 31: First Checkpoint for Season 0

The first leg of Season 0, which is hosted through Zealy, will end on October 31, 2023. The next leg will ramp up through the OnlyMeID Public Beta, and will track on-chain sign ups and referrals.

After the Zealy campaign ends, users will receive 1-3 levels according to their position on the leaderboard. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Top 5 on the leaderboard: Level 3
  • 6-25: Level 2
  • 26- with 30+ points: Level 1 

For the second leg, users with a corresponding level will see a points earning boost as follows:

  • Level 3: 50% extra points
  • Level 2: 25% extra points
  • Level 1: 10% extra points

This points boost will drive a significant boost versus new participants in the second leg of the campaign surrounding OnlyMeID. Make sure to finish out strong for the first checkpoint and prepare for the upcoming Beta launch!