OnlyMeID: Secure, Human-centric, Chain Agnostic

With OnlyMeID you get frictionless verification even from the comfort of your home.
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Why OnlyMeID?

Go Beyond Traditional ID Verification

 OnlyMeID gives your web3 project an easy to integrate, easy to use solution for human gating everything from DAO Governance, One Person NFT Mints, One-Wallet Airdrops and more. 
Features & Benefits

Innovation At Your Fingertips

OnlyMeID provides you and your project an easy to use, easy to integrate human gate; keeping your web3 project safe from Sybil attacks, Whale Manipulated mints, Airdrop Hunters and More. With multichain support you can feel confident that integrating with DEMOS and utilizing OnlyMeID your project can ensure every interaction is 100% human and authentic.

Human Verification

Prove your unique personhood using OnlyMeID in under 30 seconds and interact with Demos’ ecosystem of project integrations. 

Proof of Liveness

Our Proof of Liveness feature ensures real-time identity verification, providing robust protection for projects against unauthorized access in higher stake interactions. Users additionally benefit from enhanced account security. 

User-Controlled Unenrollment

With OnlyMeID, you have the power to manage your digital identity. Our unenrollment feature allows you to delete your digital identity and burn your OnlyMeID, ensuring complete control over your data.

Multi-Chain Support

OnlyMeID's multi-chain support broadens your horizons in the digital world. Our platform's portability with various blockchain networks ensures a versatile and inclusive experience for all users.
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Embrace the Future of Identity Verification

Secure, Seamless, and Ready for Tomorrow

We believe in a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around. Our solutions are designed to prioritize the user, ensuring that every interaction in the digital realm is secure, private, and user-centric.