Demos Points Program: Season 0

Demos represents a Human-First approach to web3. This means empowering every individual in our community to help spread the Demos mission. Today, we unveil the inaugural Points Program as part of our pre-launch efforts into the deployment of OnlyMeID and launch of $DEM.
Zane Huffman
September 14, 2023

Demos is empowering the Web3 space with secure, user-friendly sybil resistance solutions, fostering innovation and equity in the digital world. The community plays an integral role in the ability for Demos to achieve its ambitions, and the Points Program is designed to reward community members who sign on to do the important work of driving new users, signups, and partners to the ecosystem.

Season 0: Participate and Earn Points

Season 0 represents the pre-token rendition of the Demos Points Program. Users can opt-in to join the program at our Zealy campaign.

Once onboarded, users can earn points through the following:

Once the Public Beta of OnlyMeID goes live, users can additionally earn points for signing up and referring others to sign up.

Utilizing Points

Points reflect the ability for community members to do good work for Demos and receive incentives in return.

Through Season 0, points may ultimately be redeemed for access to $DEM once the token launches.

However, Season 0 is just the beginning. The Points Program will become increasingly robust as the Demos product stack matures, and users will additionally have the opportunity to receive points when they lock $DEM tokens, recruit projects to integrate, create content for Demos, and much more.

Over half of the total Demos supply is attributed to DAO and Community incentives. Of this allocation, a significant portion is intended to be attributed to points collected by community members.

Additionally, points may carry other privileges such as:

  • Privileges, Titles, and otherwise heightened access in DAO Governance
  • Ecosystem Partner incentives
  • Points, Voting boost NFTs
  • Access to ecosystem revenue
  • And more!

Get Involved

Join the Season 0 Campaign today. In doing so, you join the ranks of other individuals committed to Demos’ mission to revolutionize the Web3 landscape with Democratic Governance, Sybil Resistant airdrops, Bot-Proof NFT Mints, and more. 

Once you sign up, make sure to secure your points by following Demos on Twitter and joining the Demos Discord!