Partner Spotlight: Clique

Clique is an innovative, on-chain attestation platform. Clique users signal their web2 and web3 data and experiences in a privacy-preserving manner to protocols looking to empower, engage with, and reward users with attributes and attestations.
Zane Huffman
October 19, 2023

Digging into Clique

Clique is in the business of “identity oracles”. Whereas Chainlink oracles push price feeds on-chain for protocols to read, Clique enables users to prove and package miscellaneous data as attestations, which other projects can reference for various engagements.

Attestations can span off-chain engagements (like playing a game or attending an event) and on-chain history like DeFi activity. Protocols looking for a certain type of user (or, in the case of the Demos integration, any real user) reference the various attestations to gate a certain interaction or offer an incentive to users who meet the requirements.

Clique offers numerous opportunities for integrated projects: they can identify and connect to potential power users, find and reward their most loyal users, and generally curate engagement campaigns and opportunities to a certain user persona that best fits the project’s needs.

Leverage your Experience; Protect your Data

Clique offers a trust-minimized and privacy-preserving system for individuals to package their personal experiences and attributes in a system that projects can easily reference in an automated capacity. 

This offers a mutually beneficial system where high-fit and high-quality users are maximally empowered when interacting with the projects that cater to that type of user.

This mission aligns closely with the Demos vision. Clique and Demos both seek to promote real and unique users in a way that protects their privacy and guards their autonomy. 

Through the Demos x Clique Launch Partnership, users who enroll in OnlyMeID can mint their status as real and unique individuals as an attestation on Clique. Stay tuned for the official integration!