DEMOS x POSTMINT: Supercharging Community Engagement

Demos is pleased to unveil our latest Launch Partnership. Postmint is teaming up with Demos to support our launch of OnlyMeID and more!
Zane Huffman
October 27, 2023

Postmint joins Demos as our most recent Launch Partner. Through this partnership, Demos and Postmint will ignite our synergies surrounding authentic community activation and broader community growth opportunities.

Postmint: Community Marketing Reimagined

Postmint is a next-generation Community Marketing engine, utilizing novel mechanics to empower individuals for community engagement and arming projects with compelling and authentic community engagement and growth campaigns.

At Demos, we envision a Human-powered future. Our combined efforts across Demos and Postmint contribute to making that vision a reality.

“We are excited to help grow Demos because sybil resistance mechanisms are at the heart of problems around programmatic community incentives. In leveraging Demos in the future, postmint will be able to ensure ambassador campaign rewards are going to real users only and never to bot-nets farming our partner project. OnlyMeID referral program incentives will be our latest case-study for building holistic growth campaigns through our Chainlink-enabled affiliate program”

Demos x Postmint

Our first supporters are pivotal to the growth and success of Demos. Through Postmint, community members can earn points,climb the leaderboard when they sign up for OnlyMeID, and refer their friends to do the same.

These points will translate to various incentives throughout the Demos ecosystem once production launches and the $DEM Token Generation Event ensues.

More broadly, Demos and Postmint intend to collaborate around the integration of OnlyMeID into the Postmint platform itself. This enables the various projects offering campaigns through Postmint to gate activity or rewards to provably unique individuals. This Sybil Resistance will further empower real users and connect them to projects more effectively than ever before.

“The vision of Postmint - to empower real users and their creativity as they engage with projects and DAOs, resonates completely with Demos and our mission to secure human authenticity through OnlyMeID,” said Zane Huffman, Demos CEO. “There are a number of innovative opportunities when combining the power of our respective platforms, and I’m very excited for what’s to come!”

Make sure to check out Postmint and find them on Twitter. Stay tuned for the kickoff announcement when we embark on our inaugural OnlyMeID campaign powered by Postmint!