DEMOS x CLIQUE: Human Authenticity, Affirmed!

Demos is pleased to unveil our latest Launch Partnership. Clique and Demos are collaborating on our shared ambitions to empower real users.
Zane Huffman
October 18, 2023

Clique proudly steps forward as Demos' inaugural Launch Partner. With this collaboration, users on Clique can secure a distinctive attestation when they register via DEMOS & the OnlyMeID system. Projects leveraging Clique can then validate these authentications, ensuring genuine and singular user interactions.

Introducing Clique

Clique offers a protocol where users can register their web2 and web3 actions, experiences, and identities via on-chain attestations. Protocols can vet or otherwise organize potential users according to these attestations to best connect themselves to the ideal user profile for miscellaneous user engagement.

Clique bridges the gap between projects and individuals by authenticating their unique identities. Users can showcase their diverse merits, enabling projects to identify and engage with individuals whose attributes align with their desired persona. By integrating with OnlyMeID, both users and projects on Clique can seamlessly collaborate in "human-verified" or Sybil Resistant interactions.

“Clique is excited to be working with Demos to enhance the user experience by seamlessly integrating our social attestation-based proof of humanity layer that is non-intrusive and easy to use. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to fostering genuine human activity and engagement across Web3 where trust and integrity within decentralized networks are fully realized.” – Jaden Yan, Co-Founder & CMO, Clique

Demos x Clique

With this collaboration, users of Demos who register with OnlyMeID can obtain their "unique human" verification via Clique. In turn, members and initiatives within the Clique network can seamlessly access Demos and OnlyMeID.

To amplify engagement, interactions on Clique will be integrated into Demos' existing points system. This approach rewards our most active supporters with added incentives when they engage with Clique, a proud Demos launch partner.

Lastly, as more projects onboard with Demos, they can effortlessly utilize both OnlyMeID verification and the diverse attestations offered by Clique. Similarly, protocols secured by Clique can now seamlessly integrate with DEMOS & OnlyMeID.

“As the web3 space, and the world at large, becomes increasingly automated, it is more and more vital to confirm and promote authentic human engagement,” said Demos CEO Zane Huffman. “Demos and Clique are deeply aligned here, and I am enthusiastic that our synergy can drive better experiences for our real users and the projects who rely on them.”

Stay tuned for the launch of OnlyMeID and the subsequent integration into Clique. In the meantime, check out Clique and engage with their platform!