Demos & Postmint Partnership: Sign-up, Share & Earn Referral Programs

Our partnership with Postmint brings a new level of authenticity and engagement to on-chain affiliate marketing.
Zane Huffman
January 24, 2024

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in Web3 identity verification and affiliate marketing! We're thrilled to announce the partnership between Demos and Postmint, a collaboration that's set to redefine how referral programs operate in the Web3 space. 

This post will guide you through our innovative partnership and the unique referral program that comes with it.

Demos & Postmint: A Synergistic Partnership

Our partnership with Postmint brings a new level of authenticity and engagement to on-chain affiliate marketing. Postmint specializes in creating dynamic campaigns that engage communities in both on-chain activities, like MeID enrollment, and off-chain activities, such as social media engagement.

Integration with OnlyMeID:

  • Human Gatekeeping: With Postmint, we're introducing a new layer of authenticity to affiliate marketing. By integrating OnlyMeID, we ensure that each participant in a campaign is a verified human, not a bot or a duplicate account.
  • Fair and Authentic Marketing: This integration guarantees that all affiliate marketing efforts are genuine, enhancing the trust and effectiveness of each campaign.

How the OnlyMeID Referral Program works:

Joining the Program: Users can join through a direct link or a referral link, which inputs a unique code to their sign-up.

5 Simple Steps to Participate:

  1. Go to or use a friends referral link.
  2. Connect your wallet to the Polygon network
  3. Join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter.
  4. Mint your OnlyMeID on Polygon.
  5. Start earning points from your Sign-Up and Referrals

Three-Level Referral Rewards:

  • Level 1 Referrals: Earn 50% of the points of each user who signs up directly through your link.
  • Level 2 Referrals: Earn 25% of the points earned by users brought in by your referrals.
  • Level 3 Referrals: Earn 12.5% of the points achieved by users at the third referral level.

Meta Leaderboard Integration:

Your activities and referrals contribute to your standing on our Meta Leaderboard, showcasing your engagement and influence within the OnlyMeID community. You can view your position on the leaderboard at any time by going to (Forthe PostMint campaign we will be updating the points at completion.)

We hope you will join us as the Demos and Postmint partnership marks a significant leap forward in the world of Web3 identity verification and affiliate marketing. By participating in our referral program, you're not just earning points; you're contributing to a more authentic and engaging Web3 community. Join us in this revolutionary journey and be a part of shaping the future of digital interactions in Web3.