Demos' OnlyMeID Testnet LIVE: A Holiday Gift for the Community

Earn Badges, Climb the Leaderboard, and test OnlyMeID in preparation for the Beta Launch on Polygon in January.
Zane Huffman
December 27, 2023

The Demos team is excited to announce a major update on the production of OnlyMeID, our innovative Web3 identity verification solution. As the holiday season winds down, we're inviting our community to participate in a special testnet for OnlyMeID, offering the chance to earn badges, accumulate points, and climb our leaderboard.

OnlyMeID Goerli Test is Live

We're thrilled to announce that OnlyMeID is now live for user testing. Head over to our Beta application and connect your wallet to the Goerli testnet. This exclusive opportunity is available only until the end of the year, so don't miss your chance to be among the first to experience OnlyMeID and help us gear up for our full Beta launch on Polygon in January.

This limited testnet runs through the end of the year so be sure to join early and share with your friends. 

Engage to Earn

During this testnet phase, signing up and minting your OnlyMeID earns you a special badge. The sooner you enroll, the more points you can earn, ranging from 1,000 to 100 points. Early birds get the most points, so jump in quickly to maximize your rewards!

We'll update the Demos leaderboard daily, reflecting your engagement through points and badges earned. This leaderboard isn't just for show – it fosters a competitive spirit within our community, setting the stage for the upcoming $DEM TGE, where your ranking could translate into exciting rewards.

Keep in mind that prior to sign-up you’ll need to update your wallet to Goerli testnet. You will also need Goerli ETH to complete the sign up. Use this Goerli faucet to receive Goerli ETH.

Once you connect your wallet to Goerli testnet you can participate in the OnlyMeID Beta by going to then connecting and taking the steps to verify then receive your OnlyMeID authentication. 

About OnlyMeID Goerli Testnet

This testnet offers a streamlined version of OnlyMeID, focusing on core functionalities and excluding features like Proof of Liveness and certain on-chain capabilities. It's an isolated test, meaning all user accounts will be reset at the year's end.

The enrollment process is otherwise unchanged during the testnet. There may be bugs and errors, so it's recommended to engage via desktop and report any issues with the experience by sending us a direct message through our approved channels such as discord or twitter. 

Opportunities Ahead

In the New Year, Demos will launch its dedicated Beta on Polygon, where users can experience the full range of activities. Users will also have the opportunity to interact with other platforms through their enrollment and earn points and badges for signing up and referring others to participate as well.

Join the Testnet, engage with the community, and prepare for more exciting activities in the future! 

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