Demos Leaderboard: Your Path to Recognition and Rewards

We've revamped our system to make it more engaging and rewarding for our community.
Zane Huffman
February 8, 2024

Welcome back to the Demos Leaderboard! We've revamped our system to make it more engaging and rewarding for our community. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned participant, this post will guide you through the exciting world of our leaderboard, where your activities translate into some amazing rewards.

How the Leaderboard Works:

  • Campaigns and Quests: Our leaderboard integrates various campaigns from third-party platforms like Zealy and Postmint, as well as our first-party activations like the Goerli POC sign-up.
  • Epoch-Based Reconciliation: Activities within these campaigns and quests are reconciled to the leaderboard in specific timeframes, known as epochs.
  • Points and Badges: Your participation in these activities is quantified in two ways:
  • Points: Reflecting your performance and engagement level.
  • Badges: Symbolizing your participation and achievements.

Incentives and Rewards:

  • While we can't explicitly promise an airdrop for leaderboard participation, we assure you that your involvement will be incentivized as we progress towards our Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • We're exploring various prize options to enhance your experience and reward your efforts.

A New Era of Engagement:

The Demos Leaderboard isn't just a tool for tracking; it's a platform for recognition and reward. By participating in our campaigns and quests, you're not only contributing to the community but also paving your way to exciting incentives.

Looking Ahead:

Stay engaged, keep climbing the leaderboard, and watch out for more updates and opportunities. Your journey with Demos is just getting started, and we're here to make it rewarding every step of the way.

See Where You Stand & Join in the fun: 

You can check out your position on the leaderboard by visiting If you are interested in gaining a top spot on the leaderboard then jump into our latest epoch going on now. Learn more in our post Demos & Postmint Partnership: Sign-up, Share & Earn Referral Programs