Adding New Capabilities: OnlyMeID's Leap into Multi-Chain Functionality

DEMOS proudly announces new multi-chain functionality that expands OnlyMeID capabilities, putting human authenticity first. OnlyMeId is now available on the following network chains: Blast and Polygon. We are scaling out additions soon.
Zane Huffman
March 28, 2024

As web3 evolves into an ecosystem of interconnected blockchain networks, a unified, cross-chain digital identity solution becomes necessary to build confidence in the space. With that, DEMOS proudly announces new multi-chain functionality that expands OnlyMeID capabilities, putting human authenticity first. OnlyMeId is now available on the following network chains: Blast and Polygon. We are scaling out additions soon. 

This innovative development is tailored to empower users, enabling them to navigate the Web3 space with ease and security. By extending our reach across multiple blockchains, OnlyMeID is setting a new standard for digital identity verification, ensuring that users can engage in a wide array of on-chain activities with confidence and trust.

What Is OnlyMeID?

  • KYC-Free Human Verification: OnlyMeID enables secure, real-person authentication without any official sensitive personal documents, streamlining access while protecting privacy.
  • Multi-Chain Compatibility: Use OnlyMeID seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks, Blast and Polygon, ensuring your Web3 identity is recognized and accepted everywhere.
  • One-Time Enrollment: Enroll your identity once with OnlyMeID and enjoy universal access across numerous platforms and services, expanding your on-chain experience security profile.
  • Robust Security for All Users: OnlyMeID enhances security for individuals in combination with protocols/platforms to mitigate the increased fraudulent activities and ensure each user is unique and verified.
  • User-Controlled Privacy with Permissionless Purge: Maintain complete control over your data with OnlyMeID; verify your identity when required and delete your information permissionlessly.

What’s New with OnlyMeID?

  • Multi-Chain Enrollment and Verification: Embracing the multi-chain reality of today's Web3 ecosystem, OnlyMeID now supports enrollment and verification on additional chains, starting with Blast and Polygon. The expansion is a testament to our commitment to providing universal access to secure Web3 identity verification.
  • Unified Access Point: The OnlyMeID App constantly evolves to offer a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Accessible at OnlyMeID App, the platform now serves as a single gateway to multiple blockchain networks, adhering to our new URL pattern for easy navigation, i.e.,{chain}
  • Simplified User Journey: We've refined the process from wallet connection to OnlyMeID token minting, ensuring our users' smooth and straightforward experience. Switching between chains seamlessly within the dApp further enhances user experience, expanding the needs of the Web3 community to explore a broader landscape.
  • Multichain minting fees: As part of the introduction of the multi-chain landscape, minting fees are now specific to each blockchain, allowing users to pay in the native token currency particular to the respective chain.
  • Enhanced ‘Proof of Liveness’ verification: New enhancements include a per-network chain verification option providing an independent verification on-chain timestamp for each chain. For a small fee, verify your MeID enrollment by refreshing your ‘Proof of Liveness’ timestamp on-chain. If there is a requirement from a project to ensure your enrollment has been verified within a specific period, i.e., two days, the information can be referenced on-chain. Demos sees this as an edge over other competitors with the dynamic verification of an enrollment, which builds confidence that users are engaged and their enrollments evolve with them with an on-chain verified presence. Without a revalidation of enrollment, enrollments can be sold off with their private wallet keys.

Why This Matters:

Our move to multi-chain functionality is not just a feature update; it's a strategic alignment with our roadmap and reflects the current market dynamics. Users are increasingly leveraging multiple chains for their Web3 transactions, and OnlyMeID's expansion ensures that we're right there with them, facilitating secure and effortless digital identity verification across this diverse landscape.

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